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GSO Care Aged Care Software System Price

GSO Care Aged Care Software System is priced by bed, not by the number of users, which is unlimited.

Calculations below are based on 1 facility with 90 beds
Per Annum
Per Bed Per Month
GSO Care cost per bed (rec retail)

GSO Care cost per 90 bed facility



Sub Total
  -$  9,400
Minus cost of current software?




Nett Annual Profit projected INCREASE
It is estimated that the annual gross profit for a 90 bed facility is approximately $1,000,000.  This would suggest that by using GSO Care aged care software system appropriately, a provider may realise a conservative annual gross profit increase in excess of 10%.

The above projections are estimates only.  GSO Care Pty Ltd makes no claim as to their accuracy.  Prospective purchasers should conduct their own research.
Not Included: Many other Carer productivity gains, Support Visit reduction, Non Compliance reduction, Complaint reduction, quarterly ACFI appraisals, et al.
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