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GSO Care - Elevate Productivity
GSO Care Benefits

Increase Productivity with GSO Care Aged Care Software System

Staff Productivity

Opportunities For Improvement

  • Shift Handover - includes all staff for 15+ minutes per shift which is too long
  • Finding the maintenance book
  • Documentation is seldom completed in real time
  • Agency and casual staff lack local knowledge
  • Not everyone reads a resident’s care plan.
GSO Care Aged Care Software System addresses all of the above and more.....

Care Hours Optimisation

GSO Care Aged Care Software is designed to
  • Identify scheduled and actual care hours for carers, EENs and RNs  
  • Identify acuity-based actual care hours
  • Move non time critical activities to less busy times
  • Balance workloads
  • Balance shifts

Integrated Shift Hand Over Software

Consider a 5 Minute Productivity Increase

Carer hours per resident per day = 3.25
Carer hourly rate = $26.80
Each shift = 7.5 hours

For a facility with  90 residents
3.25 * 90 * 365 = 106,835 care hours p.a.
106,835 / 7.5 = 14,224 shifts
14,224 * 5 / 60 = 1,187 hours per annum saved

1,187 * $26.80 = $31,800 per annum saved

The care hours per day is taken from the Stewart Brown Pty Ltd report.  Some providers may have higher care hours.

GSO Care Aged Care Software System is an Efficient and Effective system for Elevating Productivity.  Facility Dashboards, Nurse Station Dashboards and Carer Dashboards are available on demand in real time, thus eliminating the need for time consuming file look up.
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