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GSO Care - Efficient And Effective
GSO Care Benefits

Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness with GSO Care Residential Aged Care Software System

Increase efficiency by automating critical time intensive practices.

GSO Care Aged Care Software System

    • Automates ACFI monitoring and appraisals
    • Automates government mandated self audits
    • Automates essential communication with family members, GPs and allied health, and government agencies.
    • Identifies resident care variances in real time, eliminating delayed appropriate care and reducing often costly mistakes.

GSO Care Aged Care Software

GSO Care Aged Care Software System can assist providers to become more effective.

By employing intelligent automation, GSO Care Aged Care Software System can:
    • Assist providers to increase carer productivity.
    • Identify HIGH and LOW work load times on a daily basis, allowing management to re-schedule non-critical tasks away from peak periods.
    • MINIMISE shift handover time by displaying relevant data on a live shift handover dashboard.
    • Accurately record data in a timely manner which may significantly reduce support visit impact and non-compliance issues.
    • Reduce the cost of ACFI appraisals and potentially increase ACFI funding.
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